“Freezer Filler” all-season curiosity lure (2oz)


Freezer Filler 2 oz

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I’ve been making and selling “Freezer Filler” for many years, and  YES, this is the BEST all season deer lure ever made!

An incredible amount of Bucks and Doe have been taken because of Freezer Filler!
“Freezer Filler” is a great All SEASON curiosity lure. Freezer Filler is a NON estrus Doe urine base with  secret signaling agents that attracts and relax deer.

Doe and Bucks, old and young are drawn into range by this lure, and they are calm.
Great early, rut & all season long!
Use “Freezer Filler” and you may need to buy a BIGGER freezer.
We have many customers that only use our curiosity lure the entire season and will add in “Tramp Stamp” or “Buck You” during the rut.

Our deer lures have No preservatives. 1 year shelf life. Store in refrigerator or keep in cool dark location.


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