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Sweet Persimmon Flavor Attractant 8 oz

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Persimmons are loved by Deer, Hogs and Bears! Our spray attractant has an incredibly addictive draw.

It has a fantastic aroma as well as fantastic taste! It is a dual mode attractant. It can be sprayed on leaves, ground, corn, salt licks, mist from stand,spray under boots, stumps, tree bark, bait piles etc.

We have tested our Sweet Persimmon on Deer, Hogs and Bear and had great results.

Our attractant holds up in bad weather.

Enhance any bait pile or use without bait, Deer will go crazy for it!

Easy to carry, cap over spray top, 8oz is enough for aprox 400lbs of corn, use without corn and no one will see where your hunting.

The 8 ounce spray bottle will give you plenty for multiple hunts!

Available in Acorn, Peanut Butter, Persimmon and Bacon.


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