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Crawfish oil 2 oz

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Drive Bass CrAzY!

Lip Glu Liquid Oil Fish Attractants with amino acids work in Fresh and Salt water. Drip on your lures or natural bait and cast, OR marinate or inject your rubber worms, jig skirts or cut bait for a real EDGE!

These oils mask all odors and add a scent that frenzies fish causing them to bite and hang on like they are GLU’d on!

 All of our fish attractants are non polluting. We use premium oils and ingredients to make our liquid fish lure.

A little of our attractant goes a long way and sticks and penetrates natural and artificial lures.

Very powerful scent that drives fish crazy. Great easy no mess bottle. Colors may vary and we try to keep all of our fish attractants as close to clear as possible so it won’t stain.

 2 ounces of Crawfish Attractant

These are the HOTTEST Fish Attractants on the market. 

Signal 11 Lures are all hand-made and hand bottled in the USA by the owner.

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