Bear & Food Attractants

Bear Attractants

Our Bear attractants are used by many hunters and guides with great results.
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Sweet Dreams Bear Attractant

Our Bear attractant is an excellent bait site starter as well as a standalone lure. Sweet Dreams 6 oz gel can be stuck to branches, tree bark, stumps and rocks to allow this super sweet addictive odor to travel great distances to draw in Bears & hold them! This super sweet, concentrated, attractive blend makes this the best long lasting water resistant Bear attractant on the market! Bears will lick it clean and keep coming back. Weather resistant. GREAT stuff, give it a try, you will be amazed!

A man with a rifle and bear in the woods.
A man in camouflage holding a knife and sitting next to a bear.

Crazy Bacon Bear Attractant

This 8 oz spray is a one two punch! Great addictive Bacon scent PLUS a fantastic Bacon taste! Bears cannot resist! Everything Crazy Bacon is sprayed on will be torn up! Also rain and snow resistant! Spray on bait pile, corn, grease, vegetation, tree bark, old tree stumps, etc... This oil based scent and flavor will last for a good long while!

Food Scent Attractants

Sprays and Polymer Beads, Food Attractants!
Sweet Corn, White Oak Acorn, Apple, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Cherry, Persimmon

These beads are nontoxic and safe. Use by dropping a few on the ground or on your bait pile. Scent will be released for approximately two weeks! You can also simply remove the lid and place jar on the ground or your tree stand foot platform. When you’re done hunting simply close jar and reuse many times!

All food scents in white bottles (Peanut Butter, Crazy Bacon, Addictive Acorn, Sweet persimmon) are edible FLAVORS & SCENTS! We call them a dual mode attractant. You can spray some directly on your bait or spray vegetation, tree bark, logs etc... This product greatly enhances you bait pile! Deer will hit your bait more because of the great taste and aroma! An 8oz bottle goes a long way!

All food scents in clear bottles, including beads are scents only and not edible. Can be used on on bait piles but only use a small amount. Spray or sprinkle beads around your bait to bring them in!

Know your States laws.

Miscellaneous Products

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