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Gerard Sauchelli

"Your lure is absolutely fantastic! This was the 4th Buck that came into the lure. They all came from downwind. They kept walking in circles then go down wind and come right back. It was cool, they sniffed everything I put it on."

David Bush

"Buck Down. Thanks Steve, your scents worked great!"

Eric Bock

"Yo, stuff works, I had 5 Bucks come in and I shot one".

Jake Cotter

"Tramp Stamp worked great, came to 20 yards and I put the smackdown on this 6 point"

Mark Kibler, Woolrich, Pennsylvania

“I was hunting near a scrape, I put tramp stamp out on either side of me 20 yards apart. This Buck came in straight to the Signal 11 Tramp Stamp scent wick to my left, 15 yard shot. He ran 60 yards and dropped. Thanks Steve for talking to me, what an awesome scent, I am so glad I tried signal 11 lures. I also had success using Brain Fart.”

Thanks again.