Turkey mouth call, Batwing cut


Turkey-Ops Premium Turkey call. Batwing cut

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These are Premium hand-made calls, not mass produced. Made with the best latex and tape, these three reed calls are easy to blow and sound phenomenal! The proper latex tension is key. Beginners to Pros will love running these calls and most important, the birds can’t resist responding.

This is an example of the sounds I feel confident making on each call. Remember some folks can make almost every sound on just one call. You need to try these to see how great they are! Practice, Practice, Practice!

V Mod –  Kee Kees, Cuts, Clucks, Purr, Cackle.

Cutter – Cutting, Cluck, Purrs.

Bat Wing – Yelp, Cluck, Purr, Cackle.

V Cut – Yelp, Cluck, Purr Cut.

 These calls are in our Turkey-OpsTM line.