Cover-Attractant Spray 4oz (w5)


Cover/Attractant Spray 4oz

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Our cover scents / attractants are perfect for any hunting condition.

Spray our cover scents on your clothes or near your set to help mask human odor. Fresh Earth is universal and can be used in almost any location or choose a cover scent that mimics the cover or trees in your area.

Our Oak-Hardwood cover is incredible!

Our attractant scents such as, Cherry, Sweet Corn, Acorn and Apple scents are used as covers but are also very popular as attractant scents.

Spray these wherever you want Deer, Bear or Hogs to stop and sniff! Use with or without bait. These products are scent only, not bait, not tasty only great smelling, so spray near your bait no on it.These scents have no nutritional value so they are legal in almost every State (always know your States game laws).

Public land hunters love these as attractants because no one can see where you are hunting.

4 once spray is easy to carry in pocket or back pack and has a cap so it will not get all over your gear.


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Acorn, Apple, Corn, Fresh Earth, Pine, Cedar, Hardwoods Oak, Persimmon, Cherry