Premium Deer Mineral


  • *NOTE* Our minerals now come in a 5lbs resealable bag. Our Premium Deer Mineral Blend is second to none! Outstanding buck and doe action, promotes healty deer herd and antler growth. Also great lightly sprinkled on corn or bait.  
  • “Deer tear this stuff up and keep coming back for more!”


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Premium Deer Mineral Blend. 5lbs per container. **Currently being shipped in resealable bags instead of the plastic containers. 

This is a great blend of everything Deer need for antler growth and for quality health. Bucks and Doe benefit from minerals.

Use year round by pouring on bare dirt. We recommend 1 mineral location per 20 acres. 

You can also sprinkle a little  on your bait pile or mix some into your feeder.

5 lbs is enough for two or three applications per site. 

The Cherry scent brings deer in from a distance. 

We had to add a few dollars to the price due to the crazy shipping cost.


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Weight 80 oz