Bottom Bling Baits


Bottom Bling Baits (Choose from White, Pink, Glow, Chartreuse and Salmon/Black)

Tight lines my friend!

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Available in White, Glow, Salmon/Black, Chartreuse, Pink, Fire Tiger, Pink Shine 

Bottom Bling baits took the Fluke world by storm in 2020! These fantastic baits are a soft plastic 5″ strip that drives bottom flatties crazy!

Fluke, Flounder, Sea Bass, Halibut etc…  

Cooked in Lip Glu scent, provides a dry bait that is not messy to handle and the scent releases in the water triggering bites and masks human odor! Bottom Bling baits has great action, more durable, easy to hook and unhook makes changing baits easy, NEVER dries up rock hard like others, always super flexible and ready to catch fish.

These baits are reusable and do not have to be stored in liquid. NO MESS!


Bottom Bling baits are a fantastic trailers for Buck tails, jigs, teasers, fluke spoons etc..

You can easily split the tail to create even more action. Great colors with flashy flake and Lip Glu scent!

Incredible Flattie bait!

You can add even more fish attracting scent to Bottom Bling baits with any of our Lip Glu gels or oils (sold separately). 

6 count per bag. 


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Fire Tiger, Glow, Pink Shine, Salmon/Black, Chartreuse, Pink, White