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Over 30 years ago tournament winning fisherman, Jeff Cammarino of NJ  developed and introduced this rigging and technique as a successful, new approach to catching all types of freshwater fish, particularly Large Mouth Bass!   After years or research and testing of proto types he created the Jersey Riggs bait!

NOW this bait looks simple because it is! However it is a combination of perfect size and the perfect plastic to achieve a perfect fall rate.

Trust me when I tell you that I don’t sell many products on my website that I don’t make myself, BUT I have been using these Jersey Riggs for years with great success! I have teamed up with Jeff to exclusively sell his Jersey Riggs.

These are great for anyone looking to use a simple method to catch all sizes of bass, BIG one hammer this easy meal!

Instructions on how to rig and use this bait is on the back of each package. I personally use 8 lbs mono and a 2/0 straight shank hook.

YES Jeff invented the Jersey Rig / Wacky Rig method way back in 1979!

NOTE* These baits early do last a while. Ive caught up to 8 large mouths on 1 bait! There are 20 baits in each pack!

You can get them pre scented with my Lip Glu for an additional cost. Add 1 Pre scent option for every pack if you want me to scent them.


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