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Teds signature lures!

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**(New Jersey Residents do not order this product. It is illegal to posses, use or sell natural deer products in NJ. Use our synthetic lures)

Uncle Ted has his very own signature line of all natural deer lure and it is some incredible stuff!

These lures are made for Ted Nugent by Signal 11 lures.

Ted uses these each season to harvest many Bucks and Doe!

Gonzo Juice” is a fantastic all season curiosity scent that can be used from early season through the rut and into late season. It calms and attracts Bucks and Doe.

Wang Dang Sweet do in Heat Tang” is a premium Doe in Estrus scent that is killer pre-rut and peak rut!

Wang Dang Sweet Buck Tang” is that must have dominant Buck scent that can be used pre-rut and peak rut as an intrusion scent! Piss BIG Bucks off with this and they will come in looking for a fight! Also great in scrapes.

All 3 of Uncle Teds scents work great sprayed on scent wicks, drag rags, under boots, sprayed on ground, vegetation or mist from your stand ever 15 minuets.

Our deer lures have no preservatives, 1 year shelf life.

Store in refrigerator or keep in cool dark location.

Made with natural deer urine and glands, know your States game laws.





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Weight 3 oz

Ted Nugent Buck scent, Ted Nugent Curiosity Scent, Ted Nugent Doe in Heat

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