Ted Nugent (3 Pack) natural deer Lure

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Ted Nugent Combo 3 Pack of lures. Three 2oz bottles of natural deer lure.

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**(New Jersey Residents do not order this product. It is illegal to posses, use or sell natural deer products in NJ. Use our synthetic lures)

Ted Nugent Combo 3 Pack of lures. Three 2oz bottles

You get all 3 incredible lures, Dominant Buck, Hot Doe and Curiosity. With this 3 pack you save a few dollars and have everything you need to kill BIG Bucks!

Use each lure individually or use the Doe and Buck lure to make amazing scrapes, also try soaking and hanging two separate scent wicks, one Buck and one Hot Doe, Very effective!

Don’t forget about the always amazing drag rag or under boot spray!

Our deer lures have No preservatives. 1 year shelf life. Store in refrigerator or keep in cool dark location.

Made with natural deer urine and glands, know your States game laws.

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