Preorbital-Forehead Gland



(NJ does not allow the sale or use of any natural deer products so make sure you order the Synthetic if you are in

New Jersey)

Both the Natural and the Synthetic Preorbital scents are incredible products and have been used with great success on licking branches over scrapes. Add multiple drops to the liking branch, vine or rope above a mock or natural scrape and let a few drops fall into the scrape. This stuff really spikes the interest of Bucks and is excellent when used along with our Scrape Nuggets.

This is a 1 oz. glass bottle w/ eye dropper.

The natural Preorbital is extracted from a Bucks facial glands and the synthetic is man made and has zero deer gland or secretions and is legal in all States.

1 ounce is plenty of product for many licking branches and scrapes.

Always know your local game laws.

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