Scrape Nuggets (SYNTHETIC) 4oz


Synthetic Scrape Nuggets 4oz

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Made with 100% synthetic  deer urine.

Our Scrape Nuggets are polymer flat cut nuggets infused with our famous WET SPOT synthetic Scrape Igniter!

This product is incredible!   

Add to a mock or natural scrapes to bring Bucks in and fire them up!

Scrape Nuggets is the best scrape product on the market!

This is a HIGH quality combo of Doe in Heat estrus urine, Doe sex gland, Buck tarsal, Interdigital, pre-orbitol and a little rutting tarsal grand scent blended together for the most complete synthetic scrape igniter you can buy.

No dripper needed!

Make your scrape and add some nuggets to the center. These polymer nuggets let off an incredibly attractive scent which will be released for up to 14 days! Once a Buck or Doe visit, the polymers will absorb their urine. This creates on HOT scrape which will draw Bucks in and keeps on working without you having to revisit the site!

4 oz polymer Scrape Nuggets is enough to make and maintain 3 or 4 scrapes.

Know your States game laws.